Naga Realm Spiritual Initiation Talisman
Naga Spiritual Realm website and Mailing address operate as a Spiritist centre, also called Spiritist society or Spiritist house and is the only basic contact point to join Naga Realm spiritual world of Spiritism, which is a distinct from other types of secret societies you may know about. In legal terms of physical operations Naga Realm Spiritist centres are ordinary non-profit associations, whose initiated members are in charge of providing funds to run the centres around the world itself and the various philanthropy activities kept by it. Each centre is run by assign patron of the Naga Spiritual Realm Goddess. In addition to the legal and corporeal aspects of our physical contact earthly as a Spiritist centre, new members should not/never make attempts to visit Naga Realm Spiritist centres until fully initiated and assign by order of the spiritual Goddess which may be shared by other centres in the world

Devotees of Naga Spiritual Realm are empowered with enormous blessings–everything from prosperity, fame, wealth, politics, business, marriage, friendship, romance, spiritual growth & enlightenment, good opportunities, generosity, protection, wisdom, and more… Our power is so great that no temple can house us—instead, we roam freely across the earth, giving our blessings wherever a humble human species decide to start a new chapter and journey through successful life, happiness, balanced, and pleasant experience, are acquired with the aid of your initiation talisman jewelry and the Naga goddess Spiritual Realm of light. The Naga Real Spiritual talismans are spiritual created from the Naga Realm goddesses to help connect your body and soul from earthly life to the Naga Spiritual Realm of light. Our six talisman spiritual symbols are the central to human existence. They speak to your greatest questions and desires and evoke a sense of the mystical and powerful forces that connects you direct to the Naga Spiritual Realm daily. Wearing your initiation talisman connects you not only to Naga realms beyond us but to Naga realm goddess of strength and spirit.